Retired homicide detective Gideon Maxwell is fed up watching killers go free. After the eleven o’clock news he screws a silencer to an unregistered gun and repeats his oath to protect as he buckles on a bullet proof vest. Under the darkness of a sleeping city, alley rats bear witness to a summary court. Gideon sentences the guilty within the blink of an eye, or in some cases the bat of a curled eyelash, if his Yiddish-swearing partner happens to join him in the shadows of Washington, D.C.

Huldah Lehrer, when not playing contract bridge behind the gates of Leisure World, keeps an eye out for the next Nazi war criminal living among her Holocaust-survivor friends. The latest looks like the man Gideon hunted forty years. Her next door neighbor has a port-wine stain over his left eye. So does the shooter who killed Gideon’s fiancée during the botched assassination of Black Power spokesman Stokely Carmichael.  

Together Gideon and Huldah make strange bedfellows you may think. Looks can be intriguing, particularly when it comes to dishing out cold justice.


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